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Are you in?

Updated: Mar 19

Let's make a difference.

Nat Spary, Toowoomba Base Kitchen

Are you in?

Let's make a difference.

We're in...

For 13 weeks during winter we are partnering with stable one and other churches in our city to providing shelter for the homeless.

For those experiencing homelessness, stability is crucial to their well-being. Not just in terms of a place to live, but in terms of strong foundations on which to build. As Christians, we believe that the firmest foundation on which to build a life is Jesus Christ. He is the Stable One.

We want to offer people more than just a roof over their heads and a bed for the night. We are the church. We are a community, a family. We have the opportunity to build relationships with people who are often lonely and isolated, and to love them like Jesus.

Join the team by texting “I'm in” to 0447 161 457.


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